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Our Story

How it all began

A founder’s musings: “I always enjoyed listening, exploring, and travelling... Sending little boats down the rivers silently, watching the journey of that boat drift along with the wind and touch the shores now and then. While listening to the silence of life and nature, I also heard several bird calls and the rustle of leaves play music to the silence. Today I continue sailing the sea of Storytelling: exploring new lands, new ideas, connecting with people across the world, exchanging stories, and diving deep into the waters of STORYTELLING .

I have been doing just that for the last 38 years of my life as a teacher, educator, trainer, and Storyteller.

From The Seed To The Tree....from seed to the tree

What began as an organization which was child-centric has now grown INTO AN ACADEMY OF STORYTELLING.

A TRAINING TREE – more adult-centric, having trained over 70,000 practitioners from varied walks of life to become storytellers.

Students, theatre artists, film makers, advertisers, journalists, software professionals, government employees, parliamentarians, doctors, trainers, Chartered Accountants, bankers, parents, grandparents, teachers, academicians, researchers, lawyers, and an army of international participants from across the world have all been part of the transformational journey.

We are today the coordinators of The International Storytelling Network [RIC] and The Indian Storytelling Network.



Kathalaya’s Uniqueness

  1. VISION- Making a Positive Social Change in Society using Storytelling as a tool of Culture and Learning
  3. Using Storytelling as a METHODOLOGY in all fields of learning
  4. COLLABORATION AND NETWORKING with international centres
  5. Organising and participating in INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS around the World. Entered the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS for organising the First Storytelling festival Kathothsava 2005 in India
  6. To set up an INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY FOR STORYTELLING with certified courses
  7. To include Storytelling as a part of UNIVERSITY COURSES
  8. STORY SPACE- To set up Learning centres- A DIFFERENT SCHOOL
  9. REVIVING STORYTELLING TRADITIONS in India and giving it a modern application.
  10. EXPLORE NEW ARENAS and applications for Storytelling - hospitals, NGOs, special educational institutions, corporate, and tribal belts


About the founder

Kathalaya                                          YouTube Channel

Geeta Ramanujam, besides being an internationally renowned storyteller, is an educator, academician, and administrator. She is the Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust which is the culmination of her vision and wisdom.

Geeta Ramanujam is the founder of Kathalaya and an Ashoka Fellow. She has also established and founded the Academy of Storytelling- the only Globally recognized Academy for Storytelling in the World. She has had performances of storytelling and training at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, UK; International festivals at Brazil, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Austria, Japan; Storywood festival at Sweden; World Tales festival, Poland; the International Storytelling Centre, USA; literary festivals at Sri Lanka, and recently the Bo ca deu festival at Brazil. She is also the Indian Coordinator for the International Storytelling Network –RIC besides being the Indian coordinator of the Indian Storytelling Network. Geeta has several awards to her credit including the recent International award for storytelling at Brazil.

Geeta uses storytelling as an effective educational and cultural tool in training for parents, teachers, NGOs and the corporate sector, both in India and abroad. Over 70,000 people have undergone her training programs. Geeta is also a consultant in Education and is on the board of several educational institutions and storytelling centres both in India and abroad.

“Geeta is the goddess of storytelling and Kathalaya her heart beating for the world.”
Linda Williamson – author and storyteller in Edinburgh

Geeta Ramanujam Intro Video                                       Ted Talk Video                                       Story of a Storyteller Video




Our history


  • The first Indian to be invited Internationally to Japan, Singapore, South Africa – 2002; USA and Switzerland – 2003; Poland – 2004; London, Cambridge, Wales, Lanarkshire, and Scotland – 2005-2006; Sweden – 2007-2014; Norway and Denmark – 2011; Germany, Austria – 2010-2014; Dubai – 2015; Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Turkey – 2016.
  • The first Indian to organize and set up Storywood, the first festival in Sweden in 2011.
  • The First Indian Storytelling Coordinator of the Red International Storytelling Network representing 163 countries around the world and recognized by UNESCO
  • First Indian coordinator of the Indian Storytelling Network.
  • First to start Diploma and Certificate courses in Storytelling.
  • On the board of Cambridge Public Schools, Bangalore; Mahatma Montessori Schools, Madurai; I care, Bangalore; Pedagogy department of the University of Gothenberg and Skovde, Sweden
  • Consultancy for setting up Story Centres and curriculum building for schools and the corporate sector.
  • Customised training for all needs.

about us 1

  • International Storytelling Center – Jonesborough, TN, USA.
  • University of Skovde, Sweden
  • Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh,


  • Ashoka Fellowship, 2000-2003
  • Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Award, 2002
  • Namma Bengaluru Award, 2012
  • Local Kalasha and Rotary Awards
  • Bangalore Hero Award, 2014
  •  Bangalore 94.3 Award, 2015
  • Bangalore Citizen Award – Namma Bengaluru, 2016
  • International Storytellers Award at the BoCA Deu Festival, Brazil, 2016

Our Branches

  • The main Kathalaya center is located off Banerghatta Road in Bengaluru.

  • The Kathalaya Academy of Storytelling, Chennai is located at Adyar. We offer the Beginner’s Course in Storytelling at this center.