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February 4, 2016

  The peacock looked different and beautiful and I thought …. Every time I see one I think I How beautiful he is but this time when I saw one at Srilanka with an additional colour of red on his tail I paused stared and wondered how nature keeps trying to please and help you […]

November 2, 2015

  Every birthday is unique- Birth day is simply the birth of the day. It is the birth of the sun, moon stars , trees and new human beings. Our cells get new replenishment and we are a new person every moment. So birthdays are just remembrances of growth and development. Some people think it […]

Storytelling Takes a new turn
August 7, 2015

      Storytelling Takes a new turn . A school close to Kathalaya asked us to take sessions for the middle and high school students on Public speaking through Storytelling. The word PUBLIC conjured a lot of memories in my mind.  Social networking, facebook, expose and juxtapose our lives from Private to Public. Nothing […]

The telling silence
July 16, 2015

THE TELLING SILENCE-SPIRITUALITY AND STORY SILENCE Touching emptiness and listening to the resounding tone of it is to experience the mind in a different realm of consciousness. As a storyteller I kept looking for the meaning of silence and only this journey came close to what it may mean. Traveling from Kochi to Kashmir I […]

Enjoy our new Kathalaya website
June 19, 2015

Friends, our new website is up and thank you Shrinath for designing and helping us with a new look. Oh! Reminds me of the Phoenix… Phoenix the bird that rises every time out of the ashes again and again and again and so have I, along with Kathalaya, risen again with new concepts ,dimensions and ideas […]

June 19, 2014

Dubai storytelling Festival “We successfully planned and executed THE FIRST OFFICIAL EVENT OF THE DUBAI STORYTELLING FESTIVAL. We outdid ourselves, and with close to 90 people (the absolute maximum allowed under fire code), and two official sponsors, we packed a theater with guests that thoroughly enjoyed an evening watching spoken word poetry, monologues, and TRADITIONAL […]

Independence Day
September 12, 2013

Independence Day is nearing and what strikes us for Freedom. It is also a time to take off on your own self and re look at your inner recesses of the heart and set free a lot of trapped feelings emotions and light a new lamp for yourself. When you read a story there are […]

The tale of Vrittasura
September 10, 2013

Storytelling Today…  Hmmm, 2013 Reminded of a Story of Vrittasura fom the Bhagavatam…… Vrittasura the asura (demon) decided to meditate on one leg to pray to Shiva and he stood firm beginning his penance with “Om Namah Shivaya” over and over for eons. When there was no response he began to tear his flesh bit […]

The Ashoka Future Forum
July 5, 2013

The year 2000 marked a historic change in the history of Kathalaya as well as my own life. Out of the blue when we were wondering how to go forward with the seed of storytelling which had just been sown. A little bird from Washington sent their emissary in India to pick me up for […]