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Diploma Course in Storytelling

“Those who tell stories rule the world.”-Native American proverb

“Those who retell the stories love the world.” –New Indian Proverb

Stories have the power to move mountains and build bridges...

Further to the Beginner's Course where you take a dip into the story lake, you are now ready to dive deep into the ocean of Storytelling.

The Diploma Course opens you to a whole new dimension of Storytelling. You will explore and discover stories that have evolved through time in different regions of the World. You will travel to myths and mysteries of fantasy worlds and discover the difference between a legend and a fairy tale or the time difference between a folk tale and a fable. Why were they told and what did it mean to people, will be the journey that will leave you with awe and a sense of wonder. And, through this, connect you to your own source. We equip you with new skills from the fields of music, arts, and crafts, besides allowing you to discover your own potential to discover yourself as a truly professional storyteller.

Connect with us through the course... It happens just 4 times a year...


Duration: 25 hours of theory; 6-12 months of field work.

Your Diploma will be awarded on submission of the same affiliated to the University of Sweden and Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.

Professional academicians and storytellers will be facilitators and evaluators for the course

Eligibility: Should have completed Beginner's Course in Storytelling.

Fees: INR 23000 includes 15% service tax, materials , snacks tea and lunch


Session 1

  • History and Evolution of storytelling
  • Genres of storytelling

Session 2

  • Storytelling from around the world
  • Stroytelling styles-A Film


Session 3

  • Storyboard
  • Skill-based storytelling

Session 4

  • Puppetry for storytelling
  • Picture stories and different types


Session 5

  • Story structure
  • Music/Folklore in stories

Session 6

  • Presentations
  • Documentation process

You will be walking away with a bag of 70 stories...


Comment Tree

The workshops are well designed for they give very practical insights. Also the very 'inclusive' environment created by the trainers is very helpful. Just keep up the good work! - Swati Kakodkar

Puppet making without prototypes in a structured and well organised classroom with a lot of freedom of expression. The facilitator was well prepared with all the materials and pushed us to keep up the pace and got the best out of us. Thanks to Geeta Madam to conduct and hold the presentation at the Valley school. It was an enriching experience to observe other tellers and receive feedback. -Seema Wahi Mukherjee - Gurgaon

We were told different genres of stories and the new found knowledge was quite awe inspiring. Geeta maam explained very nicely making it simple to understand. - Aashima Mishra - Delhi


Our Professional Diploma Holders

Ms. Nilum Jajodia
Ms. Smruti Gop2l
Ms. Shalini Tayal
Ms. Garima Garg
Ms. Rama Kumar
Ms. H.Gowri
Mr. Sourish Ghosh
Ms. Rebecca
Ms. Samvedna
Ms. Kavita Prasad
Ms. Dipali
Ms. Nehal Sharad Parekh
Ms. Girija M Nair
Ms. Rohini Vij khattar
Mr. A.Shankar
Ms. Rukma
Ms. Karti Ganju
Ms. Brinda
Ms. Saudamini Singh
Ms. Seema Karanth
Ms. Manjusha Vijayakumar
Ms. Rekha Babu
Ms. Divya K.P.
Ms. S. Gayathri
Ms. Priyanka
Ms. Namita Agarwal
Ms. Swathi Kakodkar
Ms. B. Gayathri KanagaDurga
Mr. Bhavin Bhatt
Ms. Siobhan Broderick



January 21st to 24th

August 21st to 24th

April 19th to 23rd

December 9th to 12th

June 18th to 21st