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Kathalaya has now moved on to training corporate personnel in the areas of leadership skills, team building, effective communication, behavioral traits, inclusion, diversity, gender sensitivity, and to customize the models to suit the needs of the organisation. Storytelling is a personal act and creates an immutable connection with the listener. At an emotional level, Storytelling can be a powerful tool for leaders to embody the change they seek. Kathalaya’s orientation programs ‘Art of Storytelling’ will help every individual embark on his or her own personal journey as well as empower them on the professional front.

Power of Storytelling

A story is something that comes from outside, but its meaning is something that emerges from within each individual. When this happens – it takes such a hold that the meanings remain with us even after we let go of the story. Storytelling becomes a shared process between the teller and the listener. It can be used for leading and communicating values, insights, call-to-action, or vision and will easily cut across barriers of age, experience, skepticism, and ideology. It becomes a personal act and creates an immutable connection with the listener at an emotional level.

Storytelling is an essential skill for every corporate executive. A one/two-day custom program will help every manager/executive harness the power of storytelling and be able to bring that to bear in his day-to-day role.

Frequently asked Questions on Corporate Avatar(FAQ)

1. How is Beginners program different from corporate Avatar ?
Ans: Corporate Avatar is a One day Workshop conducted by The Academy of Storytelling in which you are introduced to different facets of management concepts,leadership skills and behaviour traits through stories , using the storytelling Methodology and activities. 
Beginners program  is a 3 day course where you are trained in the ART AND TECHNIQUES OF STORYTELLING. This certification program is affiliated to the Tennessee University at USA.
2. Do you have any other programs conducted at conducted by The Academy of Storytelling?

Ans: We have a Diploma Course ,which is A year long program with 4 days of contact classes at our centre and directing you on how you could do your research and field work.This gives you an opportunity to Experience Storytelling in depth through experiences, research, interviews and travel. Again an absolutely different SKILL BASED PROGRAM  which hones one to professionally take storytelling seriously and equips one to gain indepth knowledge and history of the subject. It is almost like an Oral history course in Storytelling packed with interesting experiences. This program is affiliated to the University of Sweden and Scottish Storytelling Centre, University of Edinburgh.

We conduct the course just thrice a year and it is independent of both the course. However we suggest it would be better to do the beginners course first and then the Diploma course.  



What Sets The Storytelling Method As Unique?

We, at Kathalaya, specialize in experiential training that gets people up on their feet practicing new skills and techniques.

Kathalaya’s methodology of storytelling creates a practical, philosophical, and emotional connect. The power of using the storytelling methodology will inspire leaders to motivate, speak with confidence, and encourage them to present their stories effectively.


Corporate Feedback

It was a wonderful experience to see the master in action. The way the workshop is being conducted is excellent. It is simple, insightful and energizing.

       - G. Krishna, Senior Consultant, Mercuri international

Great to be a part of this journey. Geetha ji is superb in grasp over the subject and the way she delivers is super. Very affable, calm, composed, a flowing  river of knowledge. Main learnings were 4 pillars of Storytelling, Listening, and take aways from activities.

       - Raju Ahluwalia, HR, Wipro (Retired)

It was a wonderful day with lot of emotions. It was fun learning the voice modulation and letting go of oneself. Geeta Ma’am is a true inspiration both as a storyteller and as a strong woman. Enjoyed the voice modulation sessions.

       - Anitha Yella Reddy, Senior Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard Pvt.Ltd


Great stories have always inspired the way people think. Great philosophers and motivational speakers use stories to state a fact or to drive home a message effectively. We at Kathalaya Tap, Tell, and Transform people and craft our stories to stimulate an emotional and intelligent response from the participants. They are engaging and effective because they activate the listener’s imagination, connect them to their own stories and help them create new ones. Just telling a story however is not enough. You’ve got to know what you’re doing to be effective It helps them to communicate the story effectively using the right language tone and voice.

Our Methodology

  • A combination of knowledge and experiential learning
  •  Highly interactive and participative
  • Challenges people to step out of their comfort zones
  • Gets people up on their feet
  • Simple and relevant
  • Practical and implementable.
  • Ensures high live of involvement
  • Helps to Innovate, Interact, and Inspire

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of Storytelling as a methodology
  • Structuring the story
  • Thinking out of the box - innovative ways
  • Nuances of a great story - Voice, voice modulation, and body language
  • Knowing one's strength
  •  Tapping one's potential
  • Builds confidence and self-worth
  • Ability to interpret the message and understand the importance of listening
  • Mutual respect for each other and learn to work in a team

Workshops Done for Corporates

Mahindra Comviva, Delhi and Bangalore

ACIS-An Allianz Group Company, Trivandrum

 Ricoh Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Honeywell, Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International Meet, Whitefield and MG Road

Seimens, Goa - Outbound training

Infosys, BPOs, Bangalore

Broadridge, Hyderabad (thrice)

Flourish Foods, Ahmedabad (on a regular basis)

Wipro - Talent search - Communication skills

GMR Group Knowledge Management, Bangalore

Satyam - between 2008-2010

Ahmedabad Management Academy, Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Star Entertainment Media, Kolkata

ICICI Leadership Management Program - Khandala, Pune

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad

National Heritage Archives, Stockholm for Architects, Museum Curators, and Designers.

University of Gothenberg – Professors and Teachers on a regular basis.

3M India Limited, Bangalore - Leadership Behaviour

Part of the ongoing Course in MA Education for students at the Azim Premji University.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Abellon Clean Energy, Ahmedabad

Accenture, Bangalore on Gender Sensitivity

Century Estate, Bangalore

Reliance Group of Industries, Mumbai


Asian Paints, Mumbai

Alliance Group, Trivandrum


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