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Independence Day

Independence Day is nearing and what strikes us for Freedom. It is also a time to take off on your own self and re look at your inner recesses of the heart and set free a lot of trapped feelings emotions and light a new lamp for yourself.

When you read a story there are images that conjure not just in the inner eye but in sub conscious level too. Past images of love, envy, hatred, pains, pangs, angst, beauty dress themselves up to reveal their new avatars.

What is a good way to expedite them and do away with those deep vasanas (imprints that have stayed with us for eons?) Perhaps telling a story can be most healing specially those that have all these features? Well, the story gets very interesting only when it has these elements and when we combine our emotions and dress them up with our own inner feelings they turn out to be the rainbow of emotions in the story.

I was recently sharing Love stories from the Mahabharata and from the Greek myths at the Easy library to a group of adult audience .I was exploring and churning my own inner emotional impacts and bringing them out through the story of deceit, love, loss separation and when I talked about Iris the rainbow fairy I was so happy that I could feel myself leaping up into the air with those colored wings entering the deep inner chambers of Somnus- the lord of sleep and death. Death and love coexist and complement each other so well. Both are strong irreversible moments which cannot be brought back again.

Chandreyi, the Moon’s daughter is so beautiful that her reflection sparkles in the waters – it is so sensual that Varuna the lord of the waters falls in love with that moon faced nymph. When nature is personified as Gods and goddesses there is a subtle play of feelings which create a deep impact in the listener and one can actually visualize them as beings like the Sung God powerful with the face of the sun and glowing golden and being partial to the woman he is in love spreading the twilight for a longer range to touch her beautiful soul.

Many of the listeners I could feel had been drawn into the emotions of these stories and am hoping I would be able to share the different hues of love from time to time in different spaces across India and the galactic worlds too. If you want to have a different kind of Honey Moon traveling to the stars do call me and I shall share some special stories with you. But then it would be for older children above 16 only.

Image by: Sanyam Bahga

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