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Workshops & Webinars

WORKSHOPS and WEBINARS were mainly conceptualized to help people become aware of Storytelling- an offering of the varied approaches though short understandable and practically applicable modules both for Education as well as for other professions like health, corporate communications, Diversity and Inclusion, Career growth, Special needs in Education, Mental wellness, Emotional Wisdom, and so on .


Since 1998 through our workshops we have reached AS MANY AS 99,206 PEOPLE  to become aware of STORYTELLING AS A MEANS TO ADDRESS ANY ISSUES.


For Children

KATHALYA’ STORYTELLING EXPERIENCE since 1998 began with schools to make concepts interesting in Education. Though we had positive responses all children were not able to participate in the workshops offered to them within the school premises. That is when we at Kathalaya customized workshops for children under different headings like “Story Weavers” “Storytelling for young adults” “Kathakalash” etc.

After offering it as a monthly program and customizing them Kathalaya through a consistent diet of storytelling helped students to reflect on their own positions in society subtly choosing tales with an underlying message or value.


Stories and storytelling required children to actively engage through activities following the story using both their emotional intelligence and their cognitive ability.


They liked the storytelling sessions because of their entertainment value like the fun value and recently Amrit after watching Ramayana felt that Kumbhakarna was  "funny," "cool," and "loving."


Kathalaya’s workshops are theme based which help children make connections to their own lives as well as relating empathetically with others. Every storytelling workshop helps children participate primarily as a listener and then a teller. 


For Grown Ups and Students

Storytelling enlivens and makes concepts much easier to understand. Data can be boring and stories help them come alive.


The foundation of all learning begins with listening. Effective communication is possible only when the storyteller begins to listen to his listeners. When as grownups we listen wholeheartedly with interest to and experience, an anecdote in History, or to a story of relationships, our ears and our whole being is alert.


 Just how do we hone the tricks and techniques of telling and transmitting stories from one heart to another?

Only through workshops and webinars can one slowly and steadily begin to hone the skills. After the experience of each telling we tend to become more confident and polish both our inner stories and our outer tales to engross the listener into our own stories. Every word and letter you speak makes an impact on the audience.  

What are the tools required to tell stories?

The best tool is our own selves. Our own internal faith and strength creates the right atmosphere for telling stories. We need to believe in stories ourselves in order to create that faith in people around us.

So, once we believe in it the story is transmitted automatically with the feelings we add to it just as we add the ingredients for cooking it becomes a lovely dish.

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Our Corporate Shout

Kathalaya’s Academy of Storytelling established in 1998 which began with a vision to ‘Make a Positive social change in Education’ soon extended its training skills to corporate in the areas of leadership skills, Team building.

Storytelling as a communication tool, behavioural traits, inclusion, Diversity, gender sensitivity etc and customise the models to suit the needs of the organisation requiring its services. A story is something that comes from outside, but its meaning is something that emerges from within each one. And when this happens – it takes such a hold, that the meanings remains with us even after we let go of the story. 

Storytelling becomes this shared process between the teller and the listener. It can be used for leading and communicating values, insights, call-to-action, or vision and will easily cut across barriers of age, experience, scepticism and ideology. It becomes a personal act and creates this immutable connection with the listener at an emotional level.

Storytelling can be this powerful tool for leaders to embody the change they seek. Kathalaya’s orientation programs ‘Art of Storytelling’ will help every individual to embark on his or her own personal journey as well as empower them in the professional front.

Workshop Spotlights

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