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Inauguration of Story space-A kathalaya Learning center  @ Banashankari 3 rd Stage- 17th August. All are welcome

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KathaSangama- Halloween Magic( October 28th)
Beginner's course (November 11th 22nd to 13th)
Diploma course ( November 14th to 17th)






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Kathalaya – the house of stories

Once upon a time not so long ago in June 1998... it rained heavily.

Three teachers hurried to a shelter under a grand old banyan tree. The rain didn't seem to stop.

At first it was a casual chat about the weather and childhood memories of the rain. They noticed a caterpillar and recalled the story of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Then the conversation drifted towards the life cycle of a butterfly and how stories could be integrated into training and education. 

Why is teaching a monotonous exercise? What really makes the child interested in a subject? Do we have a role to play? There was a pause.


Can we as teachers make a difference in a child's world? Can we tell stories to all children alike?

They did not notice that the rain had stopped. The caterpillar had moved on and so had Kathalaya...