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For Children

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Story Weavers

A Week long theme based Story skilling Workshop for Children between 4-12 Yrs.


Storytelling skills helps children to become confident communicators and listening to stories stimulates their imagination and creativity.  


At Storyweavers workshop, we focus on specific skills that will build the child's storytelling and communication skills. It is such a joy to watch them learn and pick these skills easily through the medium of stories.  

Key features of our workshop are:

  1. Designed to equip children with essential storytelling skills.

  2. Focus on story narration, voice modulation, stage confidence and visual aids

  3. Learn new and innovative techniques.

  4. Perform different storytelling styles with ease and confidence


Katha Sangama, which will be a meeting place for families and individuals interested in hearing and sharing stories and bonding over stories. It is for all ages of all people under one roof to immerse in the world of stories.

“We want the entire family here with parents, children and grandparents, the more the merrier,” says Geeta with her trademark laughter. “The intention is a little escape room of stories, facilitated and nurtured by Kathalaya, where families come together and listen and share together.”

It will be a time well spent with  families in a festival of stories with bonding, sharing and listening.


One hour Storytelling performance by Professional Tellers -Open to All age groups.

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