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A well worded feedback by Director Vipin Labroo-on Geeta’s session for the Rotary club Indiranagar

 The Art of Storytelling - Geeta Ramanujam

Welcome to a world of fantasy, with birds and fairies, dark nothings and the spirit of freedom, with Gods and demons! She started her presentation and from the word go the audience was on journey to an enchanting world where animals speak and witches haunt. The high voltage persona of Ms Geeta Ramanujam is a treat to watch. She has single-handedly created a recognition of the art and science of storytelling. She has created an international subject of storytelling, which is being studies and learnt.

 Our Prime Minister spoke about Geeta in his national event called ‘Man Ki Baat’. Widely travelled and recognised in over twenty countries she is acclaimed for her love and dedication for.. yes, storytelling. She believed and proved to the world that stories are wonderfully educative, immersive and impactful. They leave a lasting impression of the wisdom being conveyed. This art can be learnt. She has a score of courses on her foundation’s website through which 85000 people have been trained so far.

Unlike Drama or films where scores of people are deployed using expensive sets and equipment, storytelling costs nothing and needs no props, except for the raw talent and passion of the storyteller. The transfer of ideas to the audience is direct, instantaneous and unadulterated. Her stories were chosen well, with history and lessons, mythology and fantasy, where the last word is a moral or a gem of wisdom for the listener. You had glimpses of Aesop's tales, Panchtantra, Puranic stories and many more.

Her acts were performed with combination of expressions, both of body and face, modulation of voice and vocal tone. We could not escape the thrill of joy and wonder, pathos and agony, fun and mirth of the characters, all coming together in the stories told by this master storyteller. Geeta’s journey has been exemplary. She has brought joy and wonder to thousands and left many lasting insights. She started from the creation of this universe from nothingness to dynamic movement. It felt as though she herself is also a creator of the art storytelling, from nothingness to a world of agony, ecstasy, hope and joy. She is God’s gift to India (and the world) and one wishes more and more people can keep the art of storytelling flourishing. May her tribe increase!!

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