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Enjoy our new Kathalaya website

Friends, our new website is up and thank you Shrinath for designing and helping us with a new look.

Oh! Reminds me of the Phoenix… Phoenix the bird that rises every time out of the ashes again and again and again and so have I, along with Kathalaya, risen again with new concepts ,dimensions and ideas to make learning seem what it is – not information or rote learning but learning both experientially and an application oriented one.

In 2003 I traveled to Phoenix in Texas to meet an old friend. On the way to Phoenix we crossed over Elpasso – that brought memories of old western films and Texas. From the flight I could see lines scratched through a vast brown mound of sand. The Blackish Blue Mountains heaped here and there.

There were also stretches of red, brown, graying brown sands. Aren’t we like that growing colours with age? It looked as if the mountains were in flat conversation with the skies above. To me then it seemed like story of the Earth’s evolution happened here. And of course, the stillness of it all. No leaves, birds or even the feel of the winds- Just plain stretches of sand or suddenly a whitish brown sand like huge vessel. Could this be the end of the world?

Dust to dust collected in this vessel. What is it to feel nothing? Flying (which is what I do often) both in the plane and to my flights of fantasy I felt good to be suspended in space with no concept of time or movement. Just drifting and knowing that it may be a certain time of the day. No fences no boundaries no man-made structures or poles of communication anywhere in view. There were some steps and some natural hues of golden brown sand, some triangles and zigzags all natural patterns of destiny.

Mountains are there and rise and fall perhaps in patient wait. For eons they have stored time in their bosom.

Yes, the announcement came of the approaching landing at Phoenix. And yes, even now I do keep shifting between telling and taming myself into storytelling, to story silences and feel more and more like that bird the PHEONIX.

Enjoy our new website.

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