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Finding my center

The month that passed by opened up a new world of silent stories. It all started with a trip to Chikmagalur with 2 Swedish colleagues after a hectic beginning of workshops and academic programs at Kathalaya. The full moon has an electrifying effect on the mountains and the trees and soothes you like a balm especially in a sylvan environment like the Woodways Resort at Chikmagalur.

It was wonderful to reconnect to an old student of the school where I taught. He now looked after the coffee estates and one could feel the texture of sensitivity still very alive. Sreedev and Sushmita took us through the rows of coffee plantations.

The journey was especially memorable as we rode through the dry jungle and one saw rare species of Malabar squirrels co-existing with flying squirrels, a mouse deer darting across and the pancharangi bird just hopping across.

Watching the sunset from the mountain top (an easy climb) added to the flavor of the wonderful dishes cooked and served with care by the people of the homestay.

The high point of the journey was the discovery of a new temple at Belwadi on our way back where architecture and the silence seemed to resound in that inner space while i felt very connected to my own center. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable journey.

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