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I remember, I remember

Every year I remember in school it is the same drab of hoisting the flag and singing the anthem and both as a child and as a teacher I enjoyed wearing white but other than that felt it did not give or make the feeling of independence something to look forward to. Gandhi Jayanthi and all our national holidays ceased to create any interest in us any more.

Freedom for me is the bird flying above without knocking into each other flying in unison as well as in patterns . the sky opens up her arms wide and birds just love feeling the air the density of the wind and love to soar up above the clouds. Freedom means a lot of things to lots of people. Freedom is also responsibility and it also means surrendering to nature completely. Nature has a surprising way of taking care of you when you just be with it. Being is perhaps the best freedom- to not get trapped into past hurts or to dream about an unknown future. FREEDOM – A word for a feeling which is boundless, limitless and beautiful.

I did a storytelling session for the children at Crossword book store on the theme of independence with a bird flying off with an orange paint while a painter is painting the flag singing to himself and enjoying the holiday.

The children drew a lot of their own dream houses and named them. They drew strawberry houses and chocolate house and one child named it heapus cotes and none of us knew what he meant . But nevertheless, it was his freedom house and the children’s eyes were wide and happy and they left feeling free in their hearts. Enjoy the day and lets unite in freedom.

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