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On Books

On books and friends I spend my money

For stones and bricks I haven’t any.

When we take our own decisions you also need to feel responsible for them. The things I do best are those things I do on my own, without the advice or approval of others.

Once I begin to listen to many people I know that my creativity takes a dip. When one is creative and there is a spontaneous overflow of thoughts and feelings people sit in awe and wonder. Sometimes, or perhaps many times there is also an envy that runs parallel. Then, the question arises ,Can creativity be taught? I guess not. So when a person wants to somehow be the best storyteller they copy what we do, say tell and act out. They try to copy the same names, claiming it as theirs and they speed ahead and put themselves all over the place. I find them many times on the same grounds telling the same tales and they even come up to me and say “You know I copy and tell the tale you tell” with a tinge of sadism and then I see people also suddenly coming up with similar names as ours and threatening us or claiming that we have copied them.

These are the times I go a step back and tell myself “ it’s ok go ahead, because a creative person will always tell the same story differently and with different emotions evoking the attention of the listener however many times they listen. “ I was waiting to hear you tell that story again, they would comment.

What’s in a name – a rose by any other name would smell as sweet by Shakespeare. So we could call ourselves the StoryHouse too.

I withdraw though because I feel uncomfortable fighting people in the name of storytelling for it is a noble act of caring and sharing and not of competing and fighting.

Remembering Thomas Merton who says

My solitude is not my own,

For I see how much it belongs to them- and that I have responsibility for it in their regards, not just in my own. It is because I am one with them that I owe it to them to be alone, and when I am alone they are not ‘THEY’ by my own Self. They are not strangers!

From the confessions of a guilty bystander.

And that brings us to the vital question of WHO CAN BE A STORYTELLER?

Image credits: Dan Taylr

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