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The Ashoka Future Forum

The year 2000 marked a historic change in the history of Kathalaya as well as my own life. Out of the blue when we were wondering how to go forward with the seed of storytelling which had just been sown. A little bird from Washington sent their emissary in India to pick me up for an Award which would support my mission of spreading storytelling as a tool of change in education system. I had not seen this bird except receive a message and a diary every year complimenting me on my accomplishments.

2013 – After 13 long years I was seated at the Ashoka Future forum held at the Infosys campus, Pune to bring all Ashoka fellows together. Two seats away from me sat Bill Drayton, the Founder,facilitator, change maker and the giver of good deeds. I recognized the bird and felt wonderful to directly exchange my story with him. Sometimes when you think of effecting a change you will find some beautiful birds like these to water and nurture that seed into a beautiful tree. Thanks Bill.

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