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The peacock looked different and beautiful and I thought …. Every time I see one I think I How beautiful he is but this time when I saw one at Srilanka with an additional colour of red on his tail I paused stared and wondered how nature keeps trying to please and help you lead a new life. Even though I had lost a dear and wonderful soul Satish Inamdar the Director of the valley school I knew one had to move on. He had lived a life open to nature. One life goes and the other continues and my neighbor just delivered a new born baby. Is time cruel? I wonder…. As I wondered I wandered to Sri Lanka I enjoyed the fresh air filled with new scents and natural perfumes of the sea and flowers. The Indian ocean seemed to rise and run and beckon to me as I watched it from the large verandah at Tangalle and as I read WU WEI felt the waves.

Met new friends bought some puppets for Kathalaya and trained teachers, had workshops for children by the 100’s and enjoyed story performances and author speaks at the Galle Literary festival. Learnt about layers of emotions in each human being as authors shared their stories fiction on one side and reality on the other. Children as always innocently enjoyed each story and I was motivated to carry on this year too on the Path of Storytelling.

The storytelling course both for adults and children started with a bang and we had 20 participants for both courses. Beautiful stories Why sea turned salty and how the bees got a sting beautifully told and created. Did I feel bored ? No because in the Taprabone island wading across the waters in Galle we went for an authors dinner at Geoffrey Dobbs place. Least did I expect to see a child who had come from Tiruvannamalai. Turned around and saw his mother from UK the granddaughter of Arthur Osborne and our conversation veered towards Ramana and spirituality. The first book I had read was “Who am I? by Arthur Osborne years ago in 1996. Visited the Buddha’s peace Pagoda and felt calm serene beautiful and peaceful. Felt wonderful to listen….. Happy 2016

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