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The tale of Vrittasura

Storytelling Today… Hmmm, 2013

Reminded of a Story of Vrittasura fom the Bhagavatam……

Vrittasura the asura (demon) decided to meditate on one leg to pray to Shiva and he stood firm beginning his penance with “Om Namah Shivaya” over and over for eons. When there was no response he began to tear his flesh bit by bit and throw it into the flames into the homa kund (pyre) he had created. After no heed from Shiva he decided to cut his head off as as a last resort and just as he did so there the Lord Shiva appeared ready to grant him a boon. “ I want a boon that would enable me to turn anyone to ashes on whose Head I lay my hands on”, he said. Granted! Said lord Shiva very reluctantly as he was bound to grant him a wish now.

Having thus got this boon he looked around and saw Shiva smiling and went forward to try it on Shiva himself. Shocked and surprised at his own student advancing towards him Shiva began to run as Vrittasura chased him around the three worlds. Shiva finally ran to Vaikunta (Lord Vishnu’s abode) and begged Lord Vishnu to save him from his own student. Vishnu being a contemporary of Shiva and wiser of the two lords disguised himself as a Brahmachari and asked Shiva to be brave and stay there while he went and stood on the way of Vrittasura . Vrittasura halted and looking at the handsome and charming Brahmachari before him told him his desire. “ Oh! Shiva is a liar and often grants boons and runs away after said Lord Vishnu.” I would also like to punish him severely for it but of course before that let’s prove he is lying. “Just keep your hand on your head and am sure nothing would happen, and we both can kill him”, said Lord Vishnu. Falling a pray to Vishnu’s charm Vrittasura kept his own hand on his head turning instantly into ashes.

Well, well so it was written and so it was told…… which stands true even today…..

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