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The telling silence


Touching emptiness and listening to the resounding tone of it is to experience the mind in a different realm of consciousness. As a storyteller I kept looking for the meaning of silence and only this journey came close to what it may mean.

Traveling from Kochi to Kashmir I realized that I not only traversed the length of our country but felt the texture of air, purity, silence and sounds. Setting up our centre at Kochi very close to the Poornathra Isha temple I had the opportunity to start off my early mornings with a visit to the temples and then do my trainings Starting June 9th 4 days at Kerala was the beginning of my early morning rise.

Mind cleared temples towering over me brought down a large part of my EGO( bundle of envy jealousy storms comparison and insecurities) I then traveled to Mumbai where we had set up another center and stayed at the Swami Narayan complex at VAshi. Four days of rain and training and view of the sea. Another part of me felt humbled staying in a large room facing the vast sea. This I furthered by bringing the whole outside world within as I traveled to Nasik for the VIPAASNA MEDIATION FOR 10 DAYS . There was a storm and rain outside as it was within and on the 10th day bright sunshine outsidf e and inside. Felt like the leaf falling off from the tree light and great. Eradication of a lot of guilt which I carried for no reason and a feeling of beauty. No phone calls, facebook, apps and all that which just comprised of the top cream of society creating comparisons, anxieties tension and shaking us up the wrong way. Carrying that stillness and the cessation of thought I compared myself to the tortoise and called myself Wu wei –from a crrb talkative tortoise to an insightful one.

Traveling futher to the Golden temple at Amritsar and Jallandhar for a training went further on to Jwalamukhi, Chintapoorni, Kangra Devi, Chamunda onwards to the 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama at Dharamshala and to the Samadhi of Chinmayananda at Chittabhari where ( one could hear the pin drop literally) surrounded my mountains with a little snow on top I floated through the clouds in quiet solitude. No books, no reading but a journey of silence. Along with my two soulful friends we traveled to Jammu and climbed Vaishnov Devi a 15 km trek 9climbed at night with a surprise to sit before the Devi for 2 and half hours rapped in aarthi bhajans and feeling on top of the world.

Climbing down was further humbling and after a month feel delighted to have somewhere touched the STORY OF EMPTINESS TO EXPERIENCE IT AND TO DRINK IT WITH NEW FLAVOURS.

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