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Our Accredited course offerings

Kathalaya felt the need to take deeper roots and in 2003 set up the International Academy of Storytelling, the first and only independent and globally recognized academy for storytelling with Geeta Ramanujam as its Key facilitator and Director.

Kathalaya’s International Academy of Storytelling-KIAS was conceptualized as a Global  Institute with Accredited courses to  facilitate and train professionals in the art of Storytelling. KIAS adopted varied modules to attract interested individuals from Institutions across the World which included software professionals, journalists, students, doctors, lawyers Teachers, educators, Scholars, folklorists Storytellers and individuals from Corporate sectors including Parents, grandparents Rotarians, film makers, artists and artisans, poets, writers and authors to attend the course.

KIAS soon became the only globally recognized Academy offering professional courses in Storytelling. The various modules are Customized by experts who have decades of experience in storytelling and related fields of education, leadership and communication.

Today KIAS has spread its roots and set up new centres at  Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Himalayas and Bangalore its main centre for training. KIAS is now offering online courses too.  

KIAS has trained over 2000 storytellers through its courses and KIAS has completed over 170 batches of its Beginners course and over 35 batches of its Diploma courses.


Kathalaya has also trained over 98,000 storytellers across the world through workshops and webinars.

Level 1

The Coveted Beginners Course in Storytelling

Great stories have always inspired the way people think. Great philosophers and motivational speakers use stories to state a fact or to drive home a message effectively.

Storytelling Taps, Tells and Transforms people to craft their stories to stimulate an emotional and intelligent response from the participants. They are engaging and effective because they activate the listener’s imagination.

Storytelling techniques helps people to communicate the story effectively using the right language tone and voice.

Level 11

The Graduate Diploma Course in Storytelling

The Diploma course opens you to a whole new dimension of Storytelling. You will explore and discover stories that have evolved through times in the different regions of the World. You will travel to myths and mysteries of the fantasy worlds and discover the difference between a legend and a fairy tale or the time difference between a folk tale and a fable. Why were they told and what did it mean to people will be the journey that will leave you with awe and a sense of wonder. And so connect you to your own source. We equip you with new skills from the music, arts and crafts fields besides allowing you to discover your own potential to discover yourself as a truly professional storyteller.

Beginner's - Offline & Online 2024

Image by Robyn Budlender

Aim & Objective

To grow and groom Storytelling professionals.


Equip and Empower trainers to enhance Offer storytelling as a career and means of livelihood.


To empower and equip teachers to ‘Use Storytelling as a tool of learning in Education’.


To help Non Governmental sectors to Use Storytelling to address issues related to society.


To help students take up Storytelling as a professional career.

 Batch: 171 June 2024

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